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A Walk through the Garden

To grow a flower garden, you must provide it with the nutrients and attention it needs to produce the beautiful, smell-good flowers that you desire to view and enjoy. The garden must receive sunlight, food and water to grow and thrive, right? But, there is also the process of weeding that must take place to keep the weeds from taking over and choking the flowers because weeds are so powerful that they can actually grow and flourish.

To have the beautiful, smell-good things in life you must learn to perceive life experiences in a positive way. To do this, you must also weed the garden of your mind (the negative, destructive thoughts that can prevent you from living a life of harmony and success). These thoughts can be very strong, much like weeds that grow through concrete, and hold you from your potential. When they creep up in your mind, you must not let them take over. Instead, you must pull and throw them away and just say to yourself (or out load if you are in a place to do so), “NEXT!”; then move on to the next thought that makes you feel good about yourself, others or the situation that you are thinking about.

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